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Had the house mostly to myself this weekend. It's been disgustingly hot so I caught up on some movies I missed last year.

First up, Trolls. It was fun, colorful, cute. Did that thing where if two characters sing a duet it means they're in love now. The message I got from it was "Drugs do not bring true happiness." It's a way better anti drug movie than Refer Madness so I recommend it.

Then the Magnificent 7. This was a good movie. I love a good western and this hit all the right buttons. I cared so much for all these mostly terrible people. Goodnight and Billy deserved better.
I always get a kick out of alternate names for the US Civil War. It gets referred to as "The War of Northern Aggression" here. But I think my favorite is "The War of Pacific Northwest Non-Participation"

Next I watched Lego Batman. I think my favorite part about it was that literally every continuity is canon. Batman just goes through some weird phases. And Joker's design was great. I love watching his face move, it's so creepy. Overall I didn't love it as much as I thought I would.

I don't have much to say about Mad Max: Fury Road. On a technical level it was really cool to watch.

The final film I saw was Logan. I didn't know Xavier was in this movie. I knew it was about Logan and his clone-daughter on a road trip but that was pretty much it. I wanted to see it because I love stories where the big scary guy is forced to take care of a little girl, eventually he accepts that he cares about her and they're a family. But this movie made me sad.

I say this has been a productive weekend.


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